Below are some links to recent research news, studies and lists from the collection of items that MarketingCharts didn’t get to writing up this holiday-shortened week (we will be taking off tomorrow and Monday, Dec. 27), but still may be worth a peek:

US Top 10s and Trends for 2010

Online Gaming Will Be a $20 Billion Business in 2012 with Opportunities for More Connected Devices

French Consumers Exposed to 191.6B Display Ads During Q3 2010

In US, New Low of 44.8% Get Healthcare from Employer

Baby Boomers Approach Age 65 Glumly

Comical Holiday Commercials Favored This Year

Battle of the Books

Net Neutrality and 3 Things to Keep in Mind for Your 2011 Marketing Plans

What Facebook Has in Store for its ‘Places’ and ‘Deals’ Features

ESPN App Advances Long Delayed ITV Push

New Study Finds Pharmacists and Nurses are the Most Effective Health Care ‘Voices’ in Promoting Medication Adherence

MTV Sees Largest Ratings Gain Since 1999

45th Parallel Design Ad

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