Below are some links to recent research news, studies and lists from the collection of items that MarketingCharts didn’t get to writing up this week, but still may be worth a peek:

Mobile Commerce Sales Explode in United States: Will Top $3.4 Billion in 2010

Young and Mobile: A Global View of Cellphones and Youth

19.2 Million Spanish Internet Users watched 2.9 Billion Online Videos in October 2010

What’s In Store for the Auto Industry in 2011?

58% of Americans Expect Housing Market to Recover after 2012 [pdf]

In U.S., New Low of 44.8% Get Healthcare From Employer

Managing Owner Expectations and Providing Personal Service Positively Impacts Overall Motorcycle Owner Experience

Time Spent Watching TV Still Tops Internet

Is There Life Left on Planet MySpace?

Shoppers Leap, then Rethink

CNN Whistles in the Dark, Boasts More Monthly Viewers than Fox, MSNBC

GameStop and Jolt Online Gaming Launch Utopia Kingdoms, a New Free-to-Play Facebook Game

45th Parallel Design Ad

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