Survey: Billboards, TV Product Placement Top Alternative Advertising Media

September 6, 2007

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Billboards (which date to the 1800s) and the newer phenomenon of TV product placement top the list of alternative advertising media regarding which consumers express the most interest, according to (pdf) the latest research data from Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI).

In its Spring 2007 in-person, in-home survey of approximately 26,000 adults (ages 18+), MRI asked whether consumers had seen advertising delivered via various alternative media and, if they had, whether they had “considerable,” “some” or “not much” interest in those advertisements.

Among the survey findings:

  • Some 49.3% of consumers who have seen at least one billboard ad reported considerable/some interest in ads in that format.
  • 43.5% of adults who have seen at least one instance of TV product placement reported considerable/some interest in this genre of advertising.
  • Third were ads at sports or entertainment events, with 35.8% of adults who had seen such ads expressing interest in them.


The data also show – across the board – that younger people are more likely to report interest in these alternative forms of advertising than are older consumers.

“It’s interesting that product placement on TV – which is a relatively non-intrusive form of advertising – has such a high ranking when compared with more ubiquitous and hard-to-miss forms of advertising,” said Anne Marie Kelly, VP of Marketing and Strategic Planning at MRI.

“And while in-theatre ads have drawn their share of criticism over the years, these data show that almost one-third of moviegoers are interested in them.”

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