1 in 5 Consumers Has Internet TV Interest

August 13, 2010

Twenty-two percent of global online consumers own or have a definite interest in purchasing a TV with internet connection in the next year, according to a new study from The Nielsen Company.

Latin America, MEAP Have Most Interest
“How We Watch” indicates that with stand-alone boxes and broadband-ready TVs making it possible to access Web content via TV, interest is fairly consistent across demographics but varies somewhat by region. Latin America has the highest average interest in internet TV, with a score of 136 on the Index of Ownership and Definite Purchase Intent for TV with Internet Connection. This means Latin American online consumers are 36% more likely than average consumers to own or have definite interest in internet TV.


The Middle East/Africa/Pakistan (MEAP) region closely follows with an index score of 132. Asia-Pacific online consumers match the global average with an index score of 100. North American online consumers lag slightly behind the global average with an index score of 95, while European consumers are a bit less interested with an index score of 86.

Latin America, MEAP Nations Dominate Top 10 List
Breaking down internet TV interest/ownership by country, the nations with the 10 highest index scores are almost all located in the Latin America or MEAP regions. The four highest-ranked countries are all Latin American (Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico). Number five is Pakistan, followed by Argentina (Latin America) and UAE (MEAP). One Asia-Pacific nation, Vietnam, is ranked eighth, followed by the MEAP nations of Saudi Arabia and Egypt.


The highest-ranked European nations are Russia and Portugal, tied with Brazil in 13th place. The US matches the global average with an index score of 100, and is in a four-way tie for 19th place with Israel, Romania and South Africa.

MEAP, Latin America Lead 3DTV Interest
MEAP and Latin America also lead in 3DTV ownership/definite interest, according to other results from “How We Watch.” MEAP has an ownership/definite interest index score of 200, meaning residents in MEAP nations are twice as likely as the global average to own or plan to buy a 3DTV. Latin America follows with an index score of 175.

North America and Europe lag with index scores of 75, meaning residents there are 25% less likely to own or plan to buy an HDTV than the global average.

About the Data: Nielsen conducted a global online survey of 27,665 online consumers ages 15 and up in March 2010.

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