Offline Channels Drive Users to Search, Who Then Buy

August 20, 2007

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Some 67% of the online search population have been driven to search by offline channels – and 39% of online searchers who are influenced by offline channels ultimately have ultimately made a purchase – according to a new study conducted by JupiterResearch and sponsored by iProspect.

The research, “iProspect Offline Channel Influence on Online Search Behavior Study,” finds that offline channels clearly influence a significant percentage of online search users to subsequently perform queries on search engines based on the company name, product/service name, or slogan that appears in the messaging of that offline channel.

Highlights of the study’s findings:

  • Performing searches is more important now than last year to 57% of online users


  • 54% of online population is searching at least daily, 83% at least weekly
  • Two-thirds of online search user population has been driven to search by offline channels


  • Television (37%) and word of mouth (36%) are the channels most effective at driving search
  • Company, product and service names most commonly used keyword types


  • 39% of searchers who are influenced by offline channels make a purchase
  • Magazine/newspaper ads and word of mouth are the most effective at generating a purchase

Details of the study are available from iProspect.

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