Study Profiles Affluent Argentineans’ Media Consumption, Lifestyles

August 3, 2007

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Argentinean elites’ attitudes toward media and brands and lifestyle information are part of the inaugural Synovate PAX Latin America Media Survey of affluent consumers in leading Latin American economies – Argentina, Brazil, Mexico – by Synovate, the market research arm of Aegis Group.

Some findings from Synovate’s Argentina research:

Products and Services

  • Three quarters of Argentinean elites own a desktop PC, more than affluent Mexicans or Brazilians, and 15% have a notebook computer (41% of Top Management have one).
  • Over one-third of affluent Argentineans have a mobile phone with internet-access capability plus a camera; that proportion is 55% among Top Management
  • 14% of elite Argentineans own a digital video camera, 45% own a digital still camera and 36% own an MP3 player.
  • Flat-screen TVs are owned by 21% of affluent Argentineans, and 19% own a DVD player/recorder.
  • 60% of Argentinean elites own one or more cars, and 17% intend to purchase a car in the next 12 months.

Spending and Lifestyle

  • Personal Goods and Spending
    • 10% of Argentinean elites own quality/designer clothing items worth over $200; that figure rises to 26% for Top Management.
    • Top Management also spends more on accessories and footwear, with 20% having spent $200 on an item.
    • 61% of elites are the named owner of a credit card, and 83% of Top Management have a card in their name.
    • Visa Classic is the preferred credit card, with 43% holding a Visa Classic card and 12% holding a Visa Gold card.
  • Leisure Ttime
    • Business Decision Makers and Top Management are more likely to have visited the cinema or theater in the previous six months than other elites.
    • Younger affluents are more likely to have been to the cinema or a music concert, while older affluents visit the theater and opera/ballet more than younger affluents.
    • While affluent men are more likely to be a member of a social club or a sports club (11% and 12%, respectively), women are more likely than men to be a member of a fitness club (17%).
    • When it comes to leisure travel, a “Beach & Sun” holiday is the most common type of international leisure trip for affluents. There is also a high level of planning for trips over the next 12 months (apart from family visits which are more spontaneous).
  • Alcohol consumption
    • Wine is the favored beverage, consumed by 48% of all elites (67% of Top Management) with local beer a close second, at 41%.
    • The majority of affluent Argentineans purchased alcohol in the previous four weeks, with 4% spending more than $30 on a quality wine (10% of Top Management).

The Synovate study also examined affluent Argentineans’ media consumption, including television viewing, newspaper readership and internet usage:

TV channel viewing


Daily newspaper readership


Internet usage

In Argentina, 70% of affluents have internet access, and the majority of them access it at home. Some 80% of internet users have broadband and spend an average of 120 minutes per day online.


Business Decision Makers and Top Management are more likely to visit more websites, especially those that are financial or business-related.

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