Ethnic TV Markets: Hispanics Show Largest Growth for 2009-2010

September 8, 2009

The Hispanic TV audience in the US is growing faster than the TV audience for the total population, according to estimates from The Nielsen Company, which show a continued increase of Hispanic TV homes (2.3%) compared with total US TV homes (0.3%) for the 2009-2010 TV season.?


Nielsen predicts that number of people ages 2+ in Hispanic TV homes will also grow, with estimates showing a 2.4% increase to a total of 44.3 million.

Hispanic numbers also are expected to increase faster than those for other specific ethnic/racial groups. Similar to Total TV homes, modest growth is estimated among African American and Asian homes as both will increase by less than 1% over last year. The number of people ages 2+ in African American TV homes will increase by only 1.3% to 37.5 million, and persons 2+ in Asian TV homes will remain at 14.5 million.

Top 20 Hispanic Markets

Nielsen reported that the top-three Hispanic/Latino TV markets in the US are Los Angeles, New York, and Miami-Ft. Lauderdale.? The top-20 list:


Top 20 African-American Markets

The top-three Black/African-American markets in the US are New York, Atlanta and Chicago.? The top-20 list:


Top 20 Asian Markets

The top-three Asian markets in the US are Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose.? The top-20 list:


Nielsen ad spending data for the first half of 2009? suggests that advertisers are responding to the TV-watching growth in the Hispanic and African-American markets.? Spanish-language cable TV saw ad spending tick up 0.6%, while African-American TV (a subset of network, cable, syndicated, and local) increased 14.3% through the first six months of 2009.

Separate research from New America Media found that ethnic media is increasing across the board, and that Hispanic Radio and Asian TV are fueling an overall 16% increase in ethnic media reach.

The full list (pdf) of ethnic DMA rankings and universe estimates is available from Nielsen.

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