2019 Sender Score Benchmark Report

January 14, 2020

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email newsletter 1000x555 1[Sponsored by Return Path from Validity] Nearly one in four emails sent ends up in the spam folder, never to be seen or opened by your intended recipient. Most of the time, this is due to poor sender reputation.

Sender reputation is used by mailbox providers to evaluate how trustworthy you are as a sender by looking at your past behaviors and signals.

To help email marketers understand how they are being viewed by mailbox providers and how that is impacting deliverability, Return Path from Validity created Sender Score. Sender Score uncovers the same elements mailbox providers use when they measure you—giving you insight into how your program and messages are being perceived.

In the 2019 Sender Score Benchmark Report we uncover the different ways your sender reputation impacts deliverability, including:

  • How poor reputation results in decreased inbox placement
  • How complaints decrease your reputation
  • How unknown users and poor list hygiene keep your messages from reaching the inbox

Download the full report now to help you achieve a spam-free 2020!

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