AdWords Benchmarks Show Which B2B Industries Benefit The Most

August 4, 2016

Bizible-B2B-AdWords-Projected-ROI-by-Industry-Aug2016AdWords has the largest contribution to revenue (included projected revenue) for B2B financial services advertisers, finds Bizible in a recent benchmarking study [download page]. Based on marketing and sales data from December 2015 to May 2016 from roughly 120 companies across 6 industries, the report indicates that AdWords contributed to about one-third of financial services advertisers’ total projected revenues.

That analysis is based on a first-touch attribution model that looks at projected revenue from AdWords as a subset amount of total projected revenue during the time period. Projected revenue is itself a predictive model that calculates the number of predicted deals that will close in the pipeline.

Following financial services are business services, for which AdWords contributed an estimated 27% of revenues during the analyzed period.

These industries were also among those with a higher estimated ROI from AdWords. Marketing agencies led on that front with a projected ROI of 372%, followed by financial services (364%) and business services (332%). Projected ROI figures were determined using historical prospect behavior (e.g. win rates), from which Bizible was able to project future revenue based on the marketing activity that occurred within the analyzed time frame. From a closed ROI viewpoint, business services did not fare as well, with financial services and agencies the clear leaders.

Compared to 2015, Bizible says that AdWords’ contribution to total projected revenue has increased for the business services industry, but declined for marketing agencies and financial services.

The full study – which includes AdWords’ contribution to leads and opportunities – can be downloaded here.

Previously published AdWords benchmarks for consumer industries are available here.

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