Content Engagement Higher on Desktops Than Mobiles

August 3, 2015

BrightEdge-Web-Content-Engagement-by-Industry-Device-Aug2015Source: BrightEdge [download page]

    Notes: Consumers engage with 20% of B2C content on average, though average engagement with B2B content is higher (50%), according to a BrightEdge analysis. Content engagement – defined as traffic, conversions and revenue – differs widely by industry, with hospitality the highest of those measured and retail the lowest, based on varying strategies. In each industry, however, engagement rates are higher on desktop than on mobile, which BrightEdge believes translates into a “massive opportunity for marketers to improve the quality of their mobile content.”

    Indeed, the company cites its data that 1 in 4 mobile sites is “misconfigured,” resulting in an average of 68% loss of smartphone traffic to the content.

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        About the Data: The analysis based on BrightEdge’s Data Cube, which indexes billions of pieces of web content worldwide across industries.

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