Travel Rewards Impact Decisions, Program Members Say

July 22, 2015

HarrisPoll-Rewards-Membership-Impact-Travel-ChoicesSource: The Harris Poll

    Notes: Roughly half of American adults say they have membership in a hotel rewards program (31%), membership in an airline rewards program (31%) and/or a credit or payment card with travel rewards (26%), according to a Harris Poll, with membership higher in each among older than younger respondents. A majority of members consider the programs useful, and many also say that they have an impact on their choices, per the study.

    Indeed, 73% of hotel program members say that it impacts their decision of which hotel to stay at either a great deal or somewhat. Three-quarters of airline program members said the same about their choice of airline, although rewards programs (or cards with them) were less likely to have an impact on which company to rent a car from.

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        About the Data: The Harris Poll was conducted online, in English, within the US between April 16 and 20, 2015 among 2,215 adults (aged 18 and over). Figures for age, sex, race/ethnicity, education, region and household income were weighted where necessary to bring them into line with their actual proportions in the population. Propensity score weighting was also used to adjust for respondents’ propensity to be online.

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