LGBT Mobile Owners Actively Use Devices For Shopping, Travel

June 10, 2013

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Digitas-LGBT-Mobile-Shopping-Activities-June2013Many LGBT mobile owners put their devices to use for travel and shopping, reveals a new study from Digitas. Comparing the shopping activities of gay men and lesbians, the study reveals that much like the population at-large, men are more likely than women to engage in a variety of mobile shopping activities, with gay men more likely to: use mobile scanners while shopping (39% vs. 32%); use shopping applications (38% vs. 28%); and buy items on their mobile devices (32% vs. 29%). The study also finds that roughly one-quarter of respondents have purchased a hotel stay (25%) or flight (23%) from their device in the past 3 months. More than one-quarter also claim to have planned a flight (30%) or hotel stay (26%) from their mobile device in the past 30 days.

The study contrasts the incidence of those activities with past research studies of the general mobile population to conclude that the LGBT community over-indexes in mobile travel and shopping. While that may be the case, without an apples-to-apples comparison (where a general population sample is surveyed alongside the LGBT sample) the data may not be definitive enough to draw such a conclusion.

Nevertheless, the data indicates that LGBT mobile owners don’t shy away from leveraging their devices for more than basic tasks. In fact, 56% say they use a mobile device over a desktop or a laptop more than a year ago. That may be a function of their long-standing relationships with their devices: 51% of respondents say they have used a smartphone or tablet for at least 3 years. If that means that the LGBT community can be used as a leading indicator, then Apple might be happy: 55% of LGBT mobile users own and use iPhones rather than Androids, a finding that differs from the general population’s preferences.

About the Data: Respondents were recruited from CommunityMarketing, Inc’s proprietary research panel of 70,000 LGBT people worldwide. The survey was made available through an e-mail invitation to a subset of CMI’s research panelists with an incentive of a chance to win one of five $100 cash prizes. A total of 1,977 participants started the survey but 382 were branched out because they did not own a mobile device (19%). A total of 1,595 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender respondents in the United States completed the entire survey on mobile technology ownership and use. The 10-minute online survey was conducted in May 2013 and participant invitations were balanced by age, gender, and state of residence to reflect other research on the overall makeup of the LGBT community in the United States.

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