Globally, iPad Leads in Mobile Payment Transactions

June 7, 2013

Adyen-Global-Mobile-Payment-Transactions-by-Device-Jun2013Worlwide mobile payment transactions are on the rise, reports Adyen in its inaugural Adyen Global Mobile Payments Index. Among the findings, Europe sports the world’s largest percentage of transactions made using a mobile device, at 15.3%, followed by Asia (12.4%) and North America (11.2%). Globally, the study reveals that the iPad is the leading device, at 6.6% of total worldwide transactions as of April 2013, up from 3.6% in June 2012. The iPhone is next at 4.4% of total transactions, up from 3.1%.

Android phones accounted for 2% of transactions (up from 1.1%), while Android tablets accounted for 0.7% (up from 0.3%). All told, the percentage of transactions made using a mobile device stood at roughly 13.8% in April, a significant increase from 8.2% in June 2012.

Examining various sectors, the report notes that:

  • Mobile devices are used for 15% of retail transactions, with tablets twice as likely to be used as smartphones (10% and 5%, respectively);
  • Mobiles represent 15% of digital content purchases, with smartphones (8%) edging tablets (7%); and
  • Mobile’s share of payment transactions in the travel space is at 20%, almost equally divided between smartphones and tablets.

About the Data: The Adyen Global Mobile Payments Index is published quarterly and based on Adyen global payment transaction data. The Index has been created to track the rapid evolution of mobile payments and provide insight into mobile payment trends for different market sectors and geographies. Adyen process payments for a wide range of customers mainly operating on a international scale. In 2012, Adyen processed more than $10 billion in online, mobile and point-of-sale payments transactions worldwide.

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