Brands Answering More Fan Questions on Facebook, but Taking Longer to Do So

May 1, 2013

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Socialbakers-Facebook-Brand-Response-Rates-Q2-2012-Q1-2013-Apr2013Consumers are increasingly turning to social media for their servicing needs, and brands are steadily becoming more responsive to their inquiries. According to Socialbakers’ latest quarterly “Socially Devoted” report, brands responded to 60% of questions posed to them on Facebook during Q1, up from 55% the previous quarter, and almost double the 30% from Q2 2012. That increased responsiveness came amidst an increase in questions asked by fans.

While the proportion of fan questions being answered rose in Q1, the average time it took brands to answer those questions didn’t take such a positive turn. In fact, response times averaged 22.6 hours, significantly longer than Q4 2012’s 13.7 hours.

Looking at response rates by industry, Socialbakers notes some significant jumps among the top industries. Finance overtook airlines to become the most “socially devoted” industry, responding to 79.9% of questions in Q1, up from 72.3% in Q4 and 46.4% in Q2 2012.

Airlines, Q4’s leader, responded to 77.8% of questions, a slight improvement from 74.1% in Q4, and a more significant jump from 55% in Q2 2012.

Fashion (61.6% from 24.9%), retail (60.9% from 43.6%), FMCG (56% from 17%) and electronics (47.7% from 18.8%) also were among those to show significant jumps in response rates from Q2 2012 to Q1 2013.

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