Smartphone Penetration Nears 60% of the Mobile Market

July 1, 2013

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comScore-Smartphone-Share-of-Mobile-Subscriber-Market-Oct2011-May2013-Jul2013Smartphone penetration is on the upswing again after a brief lull, growing to 59% adoption among US mobile subscribers during the 3-month period ending in May, according to the latest MobiLens data from comScore. That means that during that period, 141 million Americans owned smartphones, up from 47% penetration at the same time last year (110 million smartphone owners). As with prior reports, Apple continues to gain in platform market share, even as Android maintains its majority share.

For this latest period, Android enjoyed 52.4% market share, up 0.7% points from 51.7% in the 3-month period ending in February. Apple’s share was 39.2%, which represented a 0.3% point increase from the period ending in February, but which was flat from the 3-month period ending in April. Trailing in this most recent period analyzed were BlackBerry (4.8%), Microsoft (3%) and Symbian (0.4%), each down slightly from February’s numbers.

Looking at the top smartphone manufacturers, Apple retained its lead, with Samsung improving to 23% market share, followed by HTC (8.7%), Motorola (7.8%) and LG (6.7%).

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