Shoppers Find Use in Companion Phone Directories

August 20, 2009

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A report on companion directories from CRM Associates?suggests a different pattern of usage and shopping applications for companion/plus directories than for the primary directories.

When companions were first introduced, the purpose was to extend the reach of the core directory by having additional copies, albeit smaller ones, that could be placed in other locations, i.e., the car, another room in the house, etc, said Yellow Pages Research Director Larry Small.

“I also surmised that these books would be used in a similar, if not identical, fashion to the core mother book. Well think again,” Small said.

With the exception of three headings: Auto Parts-Used, Pizza, and Auto Rentals, the top 15 call-volume headings are different for the Companion/Plus directories than for the primary directories. See the table below.

Top Headings – Primary Directories

1 Auto Parts & Supplies Used & Rebuilt
2 Appliances Major Supplies Parts
3 Junk Dealers
4 Auto Wrecking & Used Parts
5 Casinos
6 Credit Unions
7 Pizza
8 Ladders
9 Auto Renting & Leasing
10 License Services
11 Taxicabs
12 Tire Dealers
13 Bakers
14 Tourism
15 Hobby Model Shops

Top Headings – Companion/Plus Directories

1 Auto Parts & Supplies Used & Rebuilt
2 Pawnbrokers
3 Oils Fuel
4 Auto Renting & Leasing
5 Loans
6 Internet Services
7 Pizza
8 Physicians & Surgeons Gynecology & Obstetrics
9 Cellular & Wireless Phones & Service
10 Appliances Household Major Dealers
11 Chimney & Fireplace Cleaning & Repair
12 Glass Auto Plate Window Etc
13 Health Clubs
14 Auto Parts & Supplies New
15 Optical Goods

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