What Do B2B Marketers Enjoy Most About Their Jobs?

April 11, 2017

The majority of B2B marketers say that they enjoy the more creative and strategic aspects of their jobs, such as developing and launching new campaigns (76.7%), according to [download page] a survey from the Martech Industry Council and Leadspace. Likewise, they take pleasure in creating and building new marketing programs (69.8%) and planning and executing major events (38.2%).

Some areas that are becoming critical to marketers clearly haven’t gained their interest yet. One of those is using data analytics to understand results and/or defend marketing ROI, which just one-third (33.1%) reported enjoying. Indeed, many marketing leaders have admitted they need more development in the area of data analytics. Perhaps a lack of enjoyment of analytics is another reason why these tools aren’t being used more?

Likewise, few (21.5%) respondents said that they enjoy learning and using new marketing tools. That’s a problem, given that US marketers believe that a good understanding of marketing technology is becoming increasingly important for senior marketers.

Indeed, respondents to the study cite several issues with marketing technology, chiefly that there are too many technologies to keep up with (50.2%), and that they face problems integrating technologies (49.1%). A frustration with the inability to attribute marketing performance to revenue (41.5%) is also a key issue.

Finally, managing prospect data appears to be a pain, as only slightly more than 1 in 10 (11.3%) respondents said this is something they enjoy. Companies today face a variety of challenges in marketing data, and a big challenge is inaccurate data.

As such, while creative and strategy is well-liked, it seems as though marketers will continue to be tasked with some of the more painful aspects of their jobs…

About the Data: March Industry Council anonymously surveyed 275 senior B2B marketing leaders with most titles ranging from Director to VP to CMO.

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