Survey: High Awareness, Strong Demand for Apple iPhone

June 18, 2007

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Nearly two-thirds (64%) of American mobile phone users are aware of the iPhone, as are 56% of British users, according to the M:Metrics “April Benchmark Survey,” which researched, inter alia, consumer awareness of and intention to purchase an iPhone.

In the US, where the iPhone will launch at the end of this month, 14% of those who had heard about the iPhone reported they would be highly interested in buying one. That equates to some 19 million mobile phone users – or about 9% of US mobile phone users.


“19 million Americans reported strong interest in purchasing an iPhone – an impressive figure, when you consider that the installed base of most high-end devices rarely approaches one million and respondents were informed of the price point as well as of the AT&T exclusive,” noted Mark Donovan, senior vice president and senior analyst, M:Metrics.

AT&T has a five-year exclusive on the device in the US, but 67% of those who were most inclined to purchase an iPhone are subscribers on other carrier networks.

Among the UK subscribers who were aware of the iPhone, 30%, or the equivalent of seven million preople, reported strong interest in buying one; howver, a launch date in Europe has yet to be announced.


“It’s also interesting to note that in both geographies, 64% of those with a strong interest in buying an iPhone already own an MP3 player, compared to a market average of 30% for other music phones owners, so it will be interesting to see at what rate consumers replace their digital music player with an iPhone,” said Paul Goode, VP and senior analyst at the M:Metrics London office.

“We expected that mobile users in the UK would be more inclined to buy an expensive device, since smartphones are twice as popular in the UK as in the US. These figures are very impressive, although respondents in the UK were not presented with a launch price or any restriction of mobile phone carrier as in the US,” Goode said.

The M:Metrics benchmark survey also studied US mobile subscriber monthly consumption of content and applications. The results are summarized in the following table:


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