Top Global Brands of 2013

September 30, 2013

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Interbrand-Top-10-Global-Brands-Sept2013Interbrand has released its latest list of the top 100 global brands, showing Apple overtaking last year’s top brand, Coca-Cola, to take the leading position this year, by virtue of a 28% increase in value to $98.3 billion. Despite that impressive growth, Apple wasn’t even the fastest-growing brand among the top 10. That distinction belonged to Google, with a 34% jump in brand value to $93.3 billion, in the process moving up from the 4th to the 2nd spot.

Among the top 100 brands, Facebook enjoyed the biggest year-over-year increase in value, with its 43% increase to $7.7 billion vaulting it up 17 spots to #52.

All told, it was a fairly impressive showing for tech brands, which account for 5 of the top 10. After Apple and Google, Microsoft remained in the #5 spot (up 3% to $59.5 billion), while Samsung (#8) and Intel (#9) traded spots, as the former saw its brand value increase by 20% (to $39.6 billion) while the latter’s value declined by 5% (to $37.3 billion).

Other Findings:

  • Among the top 100, Nokia saw the biggest slide in value, with a 65% decline (to $7.4 billion) sending it plummeting down the rankings from #19 to #57.
  • There were no new entrants to the top 10 this year.
  • eBay rose 8 spots to #28 on the strength of a 20% increase in brand value, to $13.2 billion.
  • Hyundai’s 20% increase in value (to $9 billion) drove it 10 spots up the rankings to #43.
  • Luxury brand Hermès benefitted from a 23% increase in value (to $7.6 billion), rising 9 spots on the list to #53. Not far behind, Cartier also fared well, with a 26% boost in value (to $6.9 billion) pushing it up 8 spots to #60. Not to be denied, Prada saw its ranking climb 12 spots to #72, with brand value up 30% to $5.6 billion.
  • Dell was among the tech brands with the worst performance, its 10% decline in value (to $6.8 billion) sending it down 12 spots to #61.
  • Nintendo also dropped in the rankings, down 11 spots to #67 as brand value declined 14% to $6.1 billion.
  • Discovery was one of 3 new entrants to the top 100, in at #70 with $5.8 billion in brand value. The others were Duracell (#85; $4.6 billion) and Chevrolet (#89; $4.6 billion).
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