Microbloggers Promote Infographics

September 27, 2011

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infegy-mentions-of-infographic-on-blogs-sept11.gifJudging by the overwhelming distribution of online mentions of the term “infographic” during the past year on microblogs, microbloggers appear to be their biggest fans/promoters, according to September 2011 data from Infegy. About nine in 10 (91%) online mentions of the term infographic occurred on microblogs between September 23, 2010 and September 23, 2011.

Another 5% of mentions occurred on blogs, while 3% occurred on forums and 1% occurred in web images.

Looking at mentions of the term infographic on the microblogging site Twitter, Infegy finds that the number one hashtag for these mentions is “@mashable,” which has a substantially larger share of total mentions than the runner-up hashtag “@visually.”

The other top five hashtag for Twitter mentions with a significant share is “@techcrunch.” Following with much smaller shares are number four, “@fastcompany,” and number five, “@GOOD.”

Top Keywords Include Several SocNet Terms

Several of the top keywords associated with online mentions of infographic are social networking-related. In alphabetical order, they are: apple, blog, business, comment, cool, created, data, design, facebook, facts, good, google, graphic, information, internet, interest, iphone, marketing, mobile, online, people, socialmedia, socialnetworking, visualization, technology, twitter, and web.

7 in 10 Infographic Mentions from US

Seventy percent of all infographic mentions occurred in the US. Rounding out the top five nations for infographic mentions, another 11% occurred in the UK, followed by Canada (8%), Netherlands (6%) and India (5%).

Other Findings

  • 89% of infographic mentions are made in English.
  • On Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2011, there were 236,326 global mentions of infographic, the one-day high total for the 12-month period tracked.
  • The word infographic was mentioned online globally every 1.7 seconds, with an average daily total of 51,148.
  • 73% of infographic mentions are made by men.

Last Exit: Info-Art Importance Grows

As far back as November 2009, Last Exit was proclaiming “info-art” (which essentially means infographics) as a defining art of our time. Last Exit analysis indicated the art of the infographic is becoming increasingly pervasive as people look more and more to the growing amount of data at their disposal for insight, and more refined as the interactions of that data becomes more complex. Last Exit advises marketers to expect to see greater innovation spurred by more elegant ways of capturing and visualizing information by a growing number of info-artists.

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