Mobile Campaigns Lead to Download, Enrollment, Video

September 9, 2011

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millenial-post-click-action-campaign-mix-jul11-sept11.gifThe three most popular post-click mobile campaign destinations on the Millennial Media network in July 2011 were app download, enroll/join/subscribe, and watching video (31% each), according to the July 2011 Millennial Media SMART Report. App download was a mobile-only action.

Other popular post-click actions included the mobile-only actions of mobile social media (24%) and placing a call (21%), as well as store locator (21%) and viewing a map (19%). Watching video grew 69% month-over-month. Millennial says the entertainment vertical heavily used watching video as a post-click campaign action to promote new movie releases and the season premieres of summer television shows.

In addition, mocial (mobile social media) experienced growth of 34% month-over-month, with entertainment, telecom, and CPG advertisers increasing their usage of mocial as a post-click campaign action to acquire social media followers and gather feedback on movie releases and new product launches in July.

Foot Traffic, App Download Grow in Popularity

millennial-campaign-destination-jul-11-sep-2011.JPGAlthough only 14% of July mobile campaigns on the Millennial network had increasing foot traffic as a campaign goal, this figure increased 55% month-over-month. Millennial analysis indicates advertisers in the entertainment vertical leveraged mobile to drive moviegoers to the theater while advertisers in the retail and telecom verticals drove customers to retail outlets for back to school sales.

The two most popular campaign goals in July were sustained in-market presence (30%) and lead generation/registrations (22%).

In addition, application download as a campaign destination represented 27% of the campaign destination mix, a 12% increase month-over-month. Millennial says this growth demonstrates advertisers are utilizing mobile to drive increased consumer engagement through application usage. More than half (54%) of campaigns drove traffic to a site.

Broad Reach, Local Market Leading Targeting Mechanisms

millennial-targeting-jul-11-sep-2011.JPGIn July, 56% of mobile campaigns on the Millennial network were broad reach, with 44% targeted audience reach. In addition, 67% targeted a local market audience, with 25% targeting a demographic audience and 8% targeting a behavioral audience.

Local market audience targeting grew 22% month-over-month, with finance and retail & restaurant advertisers targeting customers with a variety of regional promotions to increase foot traffic into their brick-and-mortar locations.

July 2010: 47% of Campaigns Drive Traffic to Site

Forty-seven percent of mobile advertising campaigns on the Millennial network directed users who clicked on a mobile ad in July 2010 to their website. Another 30% directed traffic to a custom landing page, while 23% opened into an expanded rich media experience. This means driving traffic to a site grew 15% as a campaign destination, while campaigns directing traffic to a custom landing page declined 37%.

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