Broadcast TV is Finding A Welcoming Audience Online

April 4, 2013

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Ooyala-Broadcast-Video-Online-during-March-Apr2013“Online video is quickly becoming online television,” declares a new study [download page] from Ooyala, which looked at trends in multi-screen video consumption from broadcasters and entertainment networks around the world during March 2013. Among the various findings from the report, connected viewers watched live broadcast video 2.5 times longer than video on demand (VOD), while 77% of time spent watching mobile video was with content longer than 10 minutes, such as movies, sporting events, and TV shows. The researchers note that these events offer significant revenue opportunities through mid-roll ads.

Long-form video accounted for a large share of broadcast content consumption across each of the devices measured. For example, mobile video viewers spent 57% of their time watching premium broadcast content between 30 and 60 minutes long during March. Long-form video also accounted for almost 60% of time spent with broadcast video on a desktop. While tablet viewers spent more time than other device users with short-form content, they still spent 47% of their broadcast video viewing time with content between 30 and 60 minutes long.

The Ooyala results come on the heels of a decision by Nielsen to broaden its TV ratings system to eventually include all video viewing, including via broadband and various connected devices. A profile of Nielsen’s new “Zero-TV” households, who will be the first new broadband viewers to be included in the ratings system, can be found here.

A recent study by Nielsen and the IAB found online viewers watching long-form content see ads for 57% longer on average than those viewing short-form content (21.4 seconds vs. 13.6 seconds), and have an 11% higher average completion rate (88% vs. 79%).

Other Findings:

  • According to Ooyala’s report, online TV viewing peaks at noon on weekdays, and at 9PM on weekends.
  • Audiences watch twice as much tablet TV on the weekends as on weekdays.
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