Mother’s Day Spending Expected to Decline

April 21, 2009

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Recent studies from both Brand Keys and the National Retail Federation (NRF) indicate US spending for this year’s Mother’s Day holiday will be lower than last year, though NRF predicts a sharper spending decline, reports Retailer Daily.

According to the Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, the average consumer will spend $135 per person on Mother’s Day in 2009, down 4% from about $140 in 2008. In a similar study, the NRF predicts the average consumer will only spend $123.89 this year, down about 10% from $138.63 last year. Brand Keys predicts 90% of consumers will celebrate Mother’s Day in 2009, while the NRF predicts only 83.3% of consumers will celebrate the holiday this year.


Other contrasting highlights from the two studies:

  • Brand Keys predicts 69% of consumers will purchase flowers, while the NRF predicts 66.8% will do so.
  • Brand Keys estimates 57% of consumers will go to lunch, brunch or dinner, while the NRF predicts 54.8% will eat out.
  • Brand Keys predicts 40% of consumers will shop at a discount retailer, while the NRF predicts 30.2% will do so.
  • Brand Keys estimates 25% of consumers will shop online, while the NRF estimates 18.2% will do so.

The NRF forecasts total holiday spending for Mother’s Day this year will be $14.1 billion.

About the surveys: As part of its Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, Brand Keys polled 1,200 men and women ages 18-60, and asked wheter, and how, they are planning to celebrate Mother’s Day. The NRF survey of 8,667 consumers was conducted by BIGresearch from March 31 – April 7, 2009.

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