Hispanic Newspapers Show High Readership Loyalty

April 16, 2009

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As mainstream and national newspapers suffer readership declines in the US, Hispanic newspapers continue to be one of the top media choices among Hispanics of all ages, with 82% reporting that they read and share them, according to a study from Alloy Access and Excend Consulting Services.

In addition to finding that there is still significant engagement with Hispanic publications – especially among younger consumers, the Hispanic Newspaper Audience survey also comfirms that America’s Hispanic population has high response rates to newspaper ads and promotional offers.

Of particular interest, the study reveals that young and educated consumers – also known for their high usage of current digital media – report continued readership and considerable engagement with Hispanic print media. More than half (57%) of respondents who read a Hispanic newspaper are under age 35. Among both younger consumers and their elder counterparts, the Hispanic newspaper proves to be a preferred source for both news and entertainment, as well as a valuable source for advertising information and promotional offers.

Newspapers are Read and Shared

Hispanic newspapers are an integral part of the Hispanic population’s daily activity, Alloy Access said. Specifically:

  • 74% of Hispanic newspaper readers have read three or more of the last five issues.
  • 82% of respondents read Hispanic publications and the same number of readers report sharing their copy with at least one other person.
  • 26% of readers share their paper with at least four others.
  • 53%? have been reading their favorite Hispanic newspaper for three or more years.

Hispanic Youth Online, Still Read Paper

Though Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Hulu and MySpace are all common hubs for today’s mobile and digitally connected youth, young Hispanic consumers also continue to show strong affinity for their Hispanic newspaper and look to it as an important source for news, entertainment and product information, the study found.

In terms of which sections of the newspaper are the most popular, the business section is the most favored section of a Hispanic newspaper. In terms of age differences among readers, the 18-24-year-old age group favors the politics and entertainment sections more than the other age groups.

Attention Paid to Ads, Coupons Clipped

The study also found that Hispanic newspaper readers pay attention to the advertisements they see in their Hispanic paper:

  • 63% of readers report looking at ads at least frequently, with close to one-quarter (24%) saying they always pay attention to them.
  • 39% report sharing advertising information with a friend, while 34% have gone to an advertiser’s website after reading an ad.
  • One-fifth of respondents have attended an event, such as a festival or job fair in response to an advertisement, with close to one-quarter (24%) of 18-35 year olds reporting they are more likely to have inquired about a job or career or attended an event such as a festival or job fair.
  • Among the 25-34-year-old segment, 25% of that group state they are most likely to have called or visited a retail store in response to an ad, higher than any other age group.
  • More than half (55%) of all Hispanic newspaper readers say they use coupons from the newspaper at least occasionally, with almost one-third using coupons frequently. Coupons for food and groceries show the highest redemption, with 36% reporting usage.

“The study reveals the strong connection Hispanic newspapers maintain with readers and offers useful information for groups looking to reach this community across platforms that are relevant to their lives and to the close circles of friends and family they keep,” said Greg Anthony, SVP, Alloy Access.

About the study: The telephone survey of 1,030 respondents was fielded in the top five states measured for Hispanic population: California, New York, Texas, Florida and Illinois. The interviews were conducted by excend Consulting Services in February and March 2009 by both Spanish- and English-speaking interviewers.

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