1 in Every 6 Retail Dollars Spent Online Goes to Apparel & Accessories

May 22, 2017

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Apparel & Accessories in 2016 consolidated its position as the top e-commerce product category, and new data from comScore [download page] shows how it has slowly gained a progressively larger share of online retail dollars in the last few years, up to 17% in 2016 from 15.4% in 2013. In fact, the category has enjoyed a growth rate exceeding the overall e-commerce average in all but 2 quarters since 2014.

The Apparel & Accessories category continued to lead all in Q1 2017 spending, followed by Computers/Peripherals/PDAs, Consumer Electronics and Consumer Packaged Goods, all of which shared very strong growth rates (15% or higher year-over-year).

While Video Games & Accessories (#13); Toys & Hobbies (#14); Music, Movies & Videos (#16); and Flowers & Gifts (#15) ranked lower in terms of absolute dollar spend, they each also had very strong growth rates.

Certain categories flourished on the desktop platform while others fared better in mobile. Video Games, Consoles & Accessories earned the majority of their digital dollars from mobile devices, (60%), as did Toys & Hobbies (57%) and Jewelry & Watches (55%). But these categories were, for the most part, the exception — the average of all digital commerce leaned toward desktop (78%).

Indeed, most categories obtained the bulk of their digital dollars from desktop transactions this quarter, including Computers/Peripherals/PDAs (91%); Consumer Electronics (89%); Office Supplies (89%); Consumer Packaged Goods (87%); and Books & Magazines (81%). Apparel & Accessories, which had the highest share of total digital dollars, hewed close to the overall average, with 79% of spending in this category coming from desktops.

While desktops were responsible for the majority of e-commerce sales, the 22% of total digital commerce dollars coming from mobile devices represented their highest share yet, up from 19% in the year-earlier period.

Mobile commerce enjoyed a year-over-year spending growth rate that was 3 times higher than desktop commerce (43% and 14%, respectively) in Q1. The overall resultant growth rate in digital commerce of 20% year-over-year propelled it to its first $100 billion non-holiday quarter.

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