Here’s When the Top Internet Retailers Are Most Active With Emails

April 24, 2017

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The top internet retailers moved away slightly from Friday sends in Q1 2017 relative to the year-earlier period, according to an analysis from Email Aptitude. The distribution of sends by day of the week was relatively stable on a year-over-year basis, with Monday remaining the most active day for emails from the IR 1000.

Notably, recent research from Experian Marketing Services revealed that in Q4 2016, Monday was the top-performing day of the week in terms of transaction volume relative to email volume. Perhaps the IR 1000 has been finding the same…

Saturday, by contrast, continued to be the least active day for IR 1000 emails, accounting for only slightly more than one-tenth of the retailers’ Q1 sends.

Looking ahead to Q2, the analysts predict that the 9AM-1PM period will be the most popular time of day for email sends, followed by the 12AM-5AM period. The above-mentioned Q4 analysis from Experian demonstrated that those early morning sends had become far more popular compared to the previous year, though their effectiveness seemed to have diminished.

In terms of popular words used in subject lines, the Email Aptitude study shows that:

  • The term “new” was used in slightly more than 1 in 8 subject lines for emails sent by merchants (not just the IR 1000 in this case);
  • Exclamation points were used in more than one-third of emails;
  • The term “Sale” was far more popular than “Special” or “Offer”; and
  • The use of hashtags has not caught on, appearing in fewer than 1% of emails sent.

About the Data: The results are based on Email Aptitude’s “Rival Explorer” technology, which it says “allows marketers to search from millions of emails from over 50,000 brands.”

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