How Marketers Feel AI Can Enhance SEO

April 3, 2017

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Virtually all marketers (96%) believe AI can enhance SEO, according to a SearchDex survey of 100 marketers across industries. The biggest benefit cited was the ability to focus on SEO while AI analyzes the data (73%). Other advantages that marketers feel AI could afford them include the capability to search and fix anomalies in their current SEO strategy (61%) and the ability to keep SEO strategy current based on what competitors are doing (58%). Of note, roughly half feel that AI could outthink RankBrain.

Considering that all respondents (99%) feel that having a successful SEO strategy is of upmost importance, it’s easy to see why 71% of them believe that losing out on SEO could cost their business in terms of lower profits and consumer interest, with 64% also feeling that their brand wouldn’t be perceived as unique.

Research suggests that two-thirds of retail marketers are already implementing AI for marketing purposes, and it seems that retailers could benefit from some assistance on the SEO side as retail websites in particular, face a unique set of challenges to manage SEO due to their transactional nature. Rapidly changing product pages and having similar titles to competitors were the most commonly reported obstacles, per the SearchDex study.

Finally, marketers said that what was missing from their current SEO playbook was automation of daily changes (62%) and the creation of new and unique content (53%).

About the Data: The results are based on a survey of 100 marketers active across industries.

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