In-App Spending Benchmarks: Asians, iOS Users Top-Spenders

July 8, 2016

AppsFlyer-In-App-Spending-Benchmarks-by-Region-Jul2016Asia leads all regions in per-user mobile application spending, a new report [download page] from AppsFlyer has found. Based on a review of more than $300 million in transactions covering more than 1,000 apps with purchase activity, the study finds that 5.2% of app users around the world make monthly in-app purchases, with the per-user transaction amount averaging $0.50.

Asian mobile app users, though, averaged a considerably higher $0.70 per user. That was due to above-average monthly purchases per paying user (averaging $11.94) and the largest share of paying users (5.9%).

Not far behind, mobile app users in North America were found to average $0.61 per month of in-app purchases, based on 5.8% of users paying an average of $10.45 each.

Meanwhile, iOS users spend far more on in-app purchases than Android users, per the analysis. Indeed, not only are they considerably more likely than the latter to be paying users, but the average monthly transactions among those users was far higher for iOS than for Android.

The crux of those results is that, on average, iOS users spent more than $1 per month on in-app purchases, more than twice the average for Android users.

In other findings from the study:

  • Shopping app users are far more likely than utility and gaming app users to make in-app purchases (12.2%, 8.5%, and 3.4%, respectively);
  • North American shopping app users average $2.68 per month on in-app purchases, fueled by an impressive $24.81 average monthly purchases per paying user, far above other regions including Asia ($7.96 per paying users);
  • While iOS users outspend Android users across almost all regions and highlighted app types, the one exception is utility apps, which the analysts attribute to Android being an open platform and therefore offering more functions for utility apps.

About the Data: The report is based on an analysis of $300 million of in-app transactions, covering more than 1,000 apps with in-app purchase activity, more than 100 million unique users, and nearly 30 million measured purchase events.

In-app purchases include an transactions performed in-app (a virtual goods purchase where the app store takes a cut, booking a flight in a travel app, etc.). Global data averages all categories, not just the shopping, utility and gaming categories identified above.

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