Friday Research Wrap, 1/29/16

January 29, 2016

Vibes-Why-Smartphone-Owners-Subscribe-to-Brands-Jan2016Smartphone owners are most likely to subscribe to a brand via its email, text or social media channels for incentives or coupons (55%) and loyalty rewards points (52%), per results from a Vibes survey [download page] of more than 1,000 adults smartphone owners. Exclusive content (26%) and product information and updates (25%) are secondary reasons, per the report. This suggests that consumer motivations for engaging with brands haven’t changed much in the past few years, with research from 2013 for example indicating that US app users primarily use them for discounts rather than updates.

Meanwhile, the leading reasons for unsubscribing from a brand or company in the Vibes survey was too many messages or updates (59%), followed by irrelevant information (51%). These were also the leading culprits noted in a recent survey demonstrating the reasons why consumers unsubscribe from marketing emails.

The following is a brief list of other intriguing data points sourced from recently-released research.

  • Don’t want to send too many messages? A survey of 1,000 smartphone users conducted by Research Now and commissioned by Localytics found that less is mroe, with 46% of respondents saying they would disable push notifications if they received between 2 and 5 notifications in a week. Almost 1 in 3 would stop using the app completely if they received 6 to 10 notifications. Separate Localytics data indicated a negative correlation between push notification frequency and open rates.
  • Slightly more than one-third (35%) of the Internet Retailer Top 500 retailers sent at least one shopping cart remarketing email last year, according to Listrak’s latest annual Shopping Cart Abandonment Research Study [download page]. That figure is mostly flat from the prior year, indicating that the rapid growth in shopping cart abandonment email adoption has leveled off.
  • In its own latest annual study – the Holiday Trends Report, RJ Metrics reveals that e-commerce retailers acquire almost one-quarter (23.8%) of their customers during the holiday months of November and December. These holiday customers, however, tend to spend slightly less than non-holiday customers and have fewer orders, leading to a 13% smaller customer lifetime value.
  • Instagram advertising CPMs climbed from September through November 2015 to a peak of $7.20, reports Brand Networks in a review of its customers’ Instagram advertising activity in the second half of 2015. The study indicates that fashion retailers paid a hefty average CPM of $16.93 but enjoyed a lower cost per engagement ($2.93) than experienced by CPG companies ($3.91).
  • The world’s “most relevant brand” is Apple, according to Prophet’s inaugural Brand Relevance Index, which based its findings on a survey of nearly 10,000 customers of 400 brands across 27 industries.
  • The life stage of Millennials (student or working with no kids or parent or neither of those) does have an impact on their media and consumer behaviors, says Turner in revealing results from research conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates. However, contrary to some opinion, they don’t “age up” into consumption habits displayed by Boomers as they transition. Other interesting results include the continuing prevalence of TV (whether live, time-shifted or streaming) within their lives and across life stages and a preference for branding over marketing.
  • It was another strong quarter for Facebook in Q4 2015, with the company reporting advertising revenue growth of 57%, to more than $5.6 billion. Mobile ad revenues powered the growth, rising by 81% year-over-year to comprise 80% share of all ad revenues. Indeed, mobile daily active users approached the 1 billion mark in Q4, totaling 934 million, or 90% of all daily active users.

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