Top Paid Search Advertisers Are E-Commerce Sites

June 8, 2007

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E-commerce sites are the most frequent users of search engine marketing – each of the top ten search engine marketers, together generating 16% of all sponsored links, is a retail or comparison-shopping site, according to a comScore study on the relationship between paid search marketing and retail e-commerce.

In March, nearly 19.8 billion sponsored links were served to US Internet users from the top search engines, and was the top search engine marketer, accounting for 802 million of those sponsored-link exposures.’s share of link exposures was 4.1%, followed by with 366 million (1.9%), and with 357 million (1.8%).


The comScore also considered top search engines’ referrals to retail sites. Google Web Search, which accounted for 57.3% of all click-throughs, directed 53.8% of the click-throughs to retail sites.


Yahoo Web Search directed 27.2% of click-throughs to retail sites, followed by MSN Web Search (10.4%), AOL Search (5.8%), and (1.6%).

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