Most Important Elements of the Overall Mobile Retail Experience

October 14, 2015

Adobe-Importance-Elements-Overall-Mobile-Retail-Experience-Oct2015Source: Adobe [download page]

    Notes: Convenience is the most important element of the mobile retail experience, whether that experience is on the mobile web or in mobile apps, according to Adobe’s latest annual “Mobile Consumer Report” that’s based on a survey of 1,025 US consumers. Price checking and the ability to achieve goals in a few steps are also important to both the mobile web and app experiences, though personalized content emerged as being a more important element to retail apps than mobile retail websites.

    Separately, almost 8 in 10 reported receiving online promotions, specials or coupons on their mobile devices at least monthly, and a similar proportion said they use keyword search for products on their mobile device with that frequency.

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        About the Data: The results are based on a survey of 1,025 consumers in the US, fielded between June 11 and July 7, 2015. Adobe describes its methodology in part as follows:

        “The survey asks about their experiences across the financial services, travel and hospitality, media and entertainment, and retail industries. To extract the most accurate behavior among consumers and market segments, the qualifications for market participation changed this year. To qualify within a market segment in this year’s report, respondents prioritized over the past few months what their most important activities were. Respondents were then placed in the segment they spend the most time in. Compared to last year, to qualify for a particular market segment, participants had to have reported an activity in that segment within the past 6 months.

        Participants’ gender was closely split in the U.S., with 49 percent male and 51 percent female… Another key difference to note in this year’s report versus last year’s is age. For
        2015, Adobe chose to glean more specific insights into age differences by grouping respondents into generations. When asked which demographic best fit their age, 44 percent of respondents identify as Millennials, 29 percent as Gen Xers, 20 percent as Boomers, and 7 percent as those aged 70+.”

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