Retailer Email Acquisition: Modal Lightbox Benchmarks

October 5, 2015

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Listrak-Retailers-Modal-Submission-Benchmarks-Oct2015Source: Listrak [download page]

    Notes: The average submission rate for modal lightboxes on retail websites is 2.77%, meaning that 2.77% of visitors complete the call-to-action when the modal appears to them rather than canceling out, says Listrak in an analysis of more than 400 of its retail clients in April. The report notes that the submission rate is highest at 11AM and noon ET (3.04% each), and lowest at 6AM (1.71%).

    In reviewing the top 25 performing modal lightboxes, Listrak notes that they achieved submission rates far higher than the average, ranging from 7.02% to 18.63%. Characteristics of the top-performing lightboxes included:

    • The majority appearing to visitors less than three seconds after they landed on the page;
    • A higher likelihood (in comparison to the lowest-performer) of offering discounts and incentives, with these appearing in the headline of the copy, in larger font and/or bolded;
    • A majority including an enhanced call-to-action, whether that be by the addition of an exclamation point and/or an extra word (such as “Sign me up” instead of “Sign up”;
    • A higher likelihood than the lowest-performers of requiring the visitor to click an X to make the modal disappear, rather than just clicking outside the lightbox.

    Another interesting data point: for those retailers using exit modals, the submission rate was on average 87.4% of the entrance submission rate.

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