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April 17, 2015

AceMetrix-Top-TV-Advertisers-in-Q12015-Apr2015Five national TV ads scored at least 20% higher than their respective categories’ 12-month norm during Q1, reports Ace Metrix, led by Google-owned Android’s “Peaceful Co-Existence” spot, which fetched an Ace Score of 647, 28.4% higher than the software and website category norm. Two of the 5 ads scoring at least 20% higher than the norm were Super Bowl ads, with Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” performing well in the beer category and McDonald’s “Pay With Lovin'” topping the QSR category. Likeability was a common trait behind all the Super Bowl spots that topped their respective categories.

Last year, Super Bowl ads did not fare as well in the Q1 wrap-up.

The following list highlights several other intriguing data points from recently-released research.

  • Accenture has released a report with the press release stating that “The World’s Love Affair with the TV May Be Coming to an End,” noting a “pendulum shift away from traditional TV viewing.” But the study’s results – which show viewership of long-form video content on a TV screen declining by 13% globally year-over-year – are based on digital content, not live TV, something which most press outlets failed to consider. It’s certainly not surprising that viewing of digital video is increasing on mobile devices and laptops, although the decline in viewing on a TV screen is curious given the growth in internet-connected TVs. This much seems clear, though: traditional TV viewing by American youth is trending down.
  • Keeping with digital video, Netflix has reported [pdf] strong growth in paid streaming members in the US and internationally in Q1. Paid members grew to 40.3 million in the US (up from 37.7 million in Q4 2014) and to 19.3 million internationally (up from 16.8 million in Q4). Netflix’s paid streaming subscriber growth from 2012-2014 is charted here.
  • “Consumers essentially saved the fixed broadband business by binging on Netflix,” says Infonetics Research in its release of a recent study looking at global broadband subscribers counts, which it says grew by 8% last year to reach 733 million. The company forecasts that figure to reach almost 1 billion by 2019, with China the largest market.
  • Advertisers are spending more on Facebook video ads, according to a new report [download page] from Nanigans, which finds global video ad spending on Facebook to have almost tripled quarter-over-quarter in Q1. In other benchmarks, global Facebook ad click-through rates grew by 260% year-over-year while CPMs were up by 273% and CPCs a more modest 4%.
  • Digital ads that are personalized by location, search terms, past purchase and life events have the biggest lift in positive reactions over control ads (non-personalized), detail Yahoo and IPG Media Lab. More findings on personalized ads here.
  • Switching gears: Credit cards remain the preferred mobile payment method (62.6%) among consumers, followed by debit cards (14.5%) and PayPal (13.5%), according to respondents to a survey conducted by Kount, CardNotPresent.com and The Fraud Practice. Survey respondents hailed from industries active in payments, risk management and the mobile channel.
  • Globally, dollar spending via general purpose credit cards increased by 16.6% year-over-year in 2014, according to the Nilson Report [pdf], with global credit card transactions growing by 13.4%.

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