US Online Shoppers’ Attitudes to Mobile Commerce

February 13, 2015

PwC-Online-Shoppers-Attitudes-to-Mobile-Commerce-Feb2015Source: PwC [pdf]

    Notes: Almost 6 in 10 online shoppers surveyed by PwC agree that they’re happy to receive offers or coupons via their mobile phone, but only about half as many are happy for stores to establish their location through their mobile phone. Meanwhile, only about one-quarter agreed that their mobile phone will become their main tool for which to purchase items, according to the survey. Separately, 55% reported never buying products using a tablet and 53% never doing so via a mobile phone or smartphone. By contrast, just 6% said they never buy products using their PC.

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        About the Data: The PwC survey was carried out by Research Now in August and September 2014 among 19.068 respondents in 19 territories. Online survey respondents in each territory are nationally representative for online users for the following demographics: age; gender; employment status; and region. The US sample size was 1,011.

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