US Consumers’ Top-Ranked Attributes When Shopping for Goods and Services

August 4, 2014

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TradeExtensions-Most-Important-Shopping-Attributes-Aug2014Source: Trade Extensions

    Notes: Price is the most important attribute for US consumers when shopping for goods and services, with 42% of respondents ranking it their top attribute and three-quarters ranking it among their top-3 (of 8 listed). While fewer rank value for money and expected quality as being their top attribute, a solid majority rank them among their top-3. Meanwhile, trusted names, ethical brands, and convenience are far lower on the scale, though roughly 9 in 10 or more do consider them important factors when shopping.

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        About the Data: The research was carried out by Fly Research and gathered 1,000 completes in the US from an external sample supplier’s nationally representative US panel, on the 21st of May 2014.

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