Responsive Emails Seeing Higher Mobile CTO Rates, But Few Marketers Actively Use Them

May 14, 2014

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Yesmail-Responsive-Design-in-Emails-in-Q1-May2014A majority 52% of email opens occurred on a mobile device in Q1, according to the latest quarterly report [download page] from Yesmail, but what happened next? The study, which analyzed more than 5 billion emails deployed by enterprise clients, found that among emails opened on mobile devices, those using responsive design had a 21% higher click-to-open rate than the rest (11.9% vs. 9.8%). Despite that, few marketers are actively using responsive design in their emails, per the study.

Indeed, only one-quarter of marketers tracked use responsive design in a majority of their emails, and that includes just 1% exclusively sending responsive emails. Some 31% don’t use responsive design at all.

That may explain why click-to-open (CTO) rates continue to be far higher on desktops than on mobiles. That was the case for each of the 12 industries analyzed, with some of the larger gaps seen for the CPG (23.4% CTO on desktop; 10.9% on mobile), financial services (11% and 2.8%, respectively) and technology (9.4% and 3.9%, respectively) industries. In fact, the insurance industry was the only one in which CTO rates on desktop and mobile were comparable. (It also happened to the be the industry with the highest CTO rates on both platforms.)

Also of note: the report indicates that hybrid viewership of emails continues to fall. During Q1, just 7.5% of consumers opened marketing emails on both mobile and desktop devices, a significant drop from 30.2% in Q2 2013. When sorting by industry, the analysis indicates that consumer services (13.2%) and publishing (10.3%) had the highest rates of hybrid viewership, while B2B (1.3%) and financial services (2%) had the lowest.

Looking closer at mobile, Yesmail reports that 27% of mobile email events (opens, clicks, etc.) occurred on a tablet, while 69% of email-driven mobile orders occurred on a tablet. Both were up from Q4, which Yesmail attributes to tablets being a more responsive-agnostic device.

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