Which Day of the Week Has the Best Mobile Commerce Potential?

May 7, 2014

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MarketLive-Tablet-Commerce-by-Day-of-Week-in-Q1-May2014Mobile accounted for 10.5% of retail e-commerce spending last year, per comScore, and smartphones and tablets continue to comprise a growing share of e-commerce traffic and revenues. The latest quarterly MarketLive Performance Index – based on Q1 activity among the merchants comprising the index –  spotlights e-commerce behavior on smartphones and tablets, offering some insights as to when traffic, conversion rates, and revenues are greatest on each device during the week.

The report indicates that during Q1, tablet traffic was highest on the weekend, led by Sundays (17% share of the weekly average) and followed by Saturdays (15% share). Sundays also sported the highest conversion rate (1.94%) by a significant margin and the largest share (17%) of revenue of any day.

Mondays and Saturdays tied for the second-largest share of weekly revenues (15% each), also relatively on par in terms of conversion rates (1.84% and 1.82%, respectively).

While Sunday was the clear leader for tablets, the results weren’t quite as clear-cut for smartphones. Conversion rates on smartphones were highest on Sundays (0.65%), but Thursdays had the largest share of revenues (16%), slightly ahead of Sunday, Wednesday and Friday (each at 15% share).


One thing shared by both smartphone and tablets: the day of the week with the smallest share of traffic and revenues. That turned out to be Tuesday, with just 12% share of weekly revenue on both smartphones and tablets.

Meanwhile, on desktops, Monday and Thursday tied for the largest share of weekly revenues (16% each), although Sundays had the highest conversion rate (3%).


Overall, conversion rates on desktops (2.7% average in Q1) continued to vastly outperform comparable rates on tablets (1.82%) and smartphones (0.63%). And while smartphones drove more traffic than tablets (22.2% vs. 15.3%), tablets accounted for twice the share of revenues (12.5% vs. 6.2%).

Perhaps the biggest disparity seen in Q1 was in average order value (AOV), though. Despite research showing that tablets are on par with desktops in AOVs, the merchants comprising the MarketLive index saw far greater AOVs on desktops ($293.15) than on tablets ($111.47) or smartphones ($93.76).

Other interesting findings from the report:

  • The percentage of smartphone commerce traffic deriving from email in Q1 was twice that of desktops and almost twice that of tablets (more on email and smartphone commerce here);
  • While email was the third-largest traffic source for smartphones, its bounce rate of 61% was far higher than for desktop email traffic (41%) and tablet email traffic (53%); and
  • Conversion rates for email-driven traffic on smartphones doubled year-over-year in Q1, while smartphone paid search conversion rates tripled; paid search and email conversion rates on tablets, though, both dropped by about one-third.
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