Digital Technologies to Influence Half of In-Store Sales by Year-End

April 29, 2014

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    Source: Deloitte

      Notes: Deloitte estimates that digital currently influences 36% of in-store sales, a figure it forecasts will likely rise to 50% by year-end. Mobile now influences 19% of in-store sales, a huge increase from 5% in 2012 and far ahead of 2012’s forecasts. The analysts argue that retailers should focus more on digital devices’ role in the purchase path than on “conversion in the channel” (making purchases on the devices), citing data indicating that 94% of retail sales take place in-store and that 1 in 5 consumers spend more as a result of using digital.

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          About the Data: Deloitte’s digital influence factor was calculated using a proprietary methodology to arrive at the percentage of digitally-influenced conversions. Traffic for each store type was modeled statistically, then segmented into trips where digital devices were used either before the trip, during the trip, both before and during the trip, or not at all. Segment-specific conversion rates were applied to arrive at digitally-influenced conversions. The aggregate digital influence factor is a weighted average by percent of total retail sales attributed to each store type.
          The digital influence factor projections were based on fitting an adoption model to historical data, with an assumed saturation rate of 90 percent.

          Survey data is based on a survey commissioned by Deloitte and conducted online by an independent research company between November 15-22, 2013. The survey polled a national sample of 2,006 random consumers. Data were collected and weighted to be representative of the U.S. Census for gender, age, income, and ethnicity.

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