Millennial Moms’ Shopping Attitudes

February 4, 2014

Scarborough-Millennials-Moms-Shopping-Attitudes-Behaviors-Feb20142 in 3 Millennial mothers (aged 18-29 with kids under the age of 18) have made a purchase online in the past 12 months, most commonly clothing or accessories (40%), books (28%) and toys or games (23%),  according to new data released by Scarborough. In its profile of these young mothers, the researchers delve into shopping attitudes that set them apart from the average mother, finding them more likely to treat social media as an important medium for supporting brands and finding discounts.

Among mothers with access to the internet, those of the Millennial variety are 78% more likely than average to think that social networking is very important for showing support for their favorite brands, and 47% more likely to think that social networking is very important for receiving exclusive offers, coupons and other discounts.

Those results tie into a general affinity for social: young mothers are 71% more likely than average to have posted a blog entry on social. They’re also 28% more likely to rate or reviews products or services on social.

Millennial mothers present a particularly attractive target for brands for two other distinct reasons: they’re 18% more likely than the average mother to identify as a “spender” rather than a “saver;” and they’re also 18% more likely to agree that brand name is the best indication of quality.

So what are some demographic traits of these young mothers? Scarborough offers some interesting profile data, indicating that:

  • 52% are unmarried;
  • 30% have an annual household income of at least $50k; and
  • 8% are students.

As far as their race or ethnicity, young mothers are 18% more likely than average to self-identify as Black and 22% more likely to self-identify as Hispanic.

Other Findings:

  • Young mothers are 11% more likely to own a smartphone than the average mother.
  • A slim majority (53%) of Millennial mothers say they used their smartphone in the past 30 days for social networking.
  • Millennial mothers are 25% more likely than average to agree that they’re always one of the first to try new products or services.
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