Consumers Say Personalization Influences Retail Purchase Decisions

January 22, 2014

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Infosys-Consumer-Attitudes-to-Personalized-Shopping-Experiences-Jan20141 in 5 consumers say they have encountered personalized offers and promotions in-store, while 27% have seen them online, according to recent survey results [pdf] from Infosys. Respondents to the survey were also more likely to have experienced product recommendations based on previous purchases online (32%) rather than in-store (18%). Those who have had personalized shopping experiences indicate that the personalization has influenced their purchase decisions.

Specifically, 86% said that personalization influenced what they purchase to some extent, a figure that includes 25% who said that personalization significantly influences what they purchase.

Among the group of shoppers who have had personalized experiences, personalized coupons (67%) are the most highly favored form, followed by personalized offers and promotions based on previous experiences (62%) and product recommendations based on previous purchases (58%).

That’s the latest in a series of studies to tout consumers’ desire for relevant product recommendations. A recent study from Listrak found that online shoppers who have opted in to receive promotional emails from retailers not only welcome relevant product recommendations in the messaging they receive, but would also be prepared to share personal preferences in order to receive those personalized recommendations. In particular, respondents to that study wanted to be alerted to sales on products they had previously purchased, a finding consistent with an earlier study from Synquera in which 85% of shoppers claimed that they would be more likely to return to a retailer if they were made aware of upcoming sales on products they had previously purchased.

While personalization seems to have influenced those shoppers who have experienced it, not many are clamoring for more, according to the Infosys study. Fewer than 1 in 3 consumers surveyed said they wish their shopping experience was more personalized than it currently is.

About the Data: The data is based on a survey conducted in December 2013 by Vanson Bourne among 1,000 consumers in the US.

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