Holiday Retail Customer Experience: Amazon Sets the Standard Again

January 7, 2014

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ForeSee-Top-Retailers-by-Holiday-Customer-Sat-Jan2014While ForeSee has analyzed satisfaction with the top online retailers during the holiday season for several years now, this year it has broadened its research study [download page] to cover satisfaction at the retail company level, also looking at a variety of sales channels beyond web and mobile. Despite all those changes, a familiar name emerges at the top of the list: Amazon. Based on the 67,600 surveys collected during the holiday period for the top 100 retailers, Amazon and L.L.Bean were the standard-bearers, each with a score of 90 on a 100-point scale.

Amazon had been the top-rated online and mobile retailer during the 2012 holiday period (see here and here) – in fact, it has topped the web satisfaction survey during each of the 9 years of the survey. For its part, ForeSee notes that the L.L.Bean website has scored above 80 (the threshold for excellence) in 8 of the survey’s 9 years.

Other retailers posting high company-level (i.e. omni-channel) scores were Apple (89), Publix (89), QBC (88) and Shutterfly (88). In fact, an impressive 82% of the companies measured scored in the 80s at the company level, with an average score of 83. The lowest-rated company was Priceline; with its score of 76, it still exceeded the “laggard” threshold of 69 by a significant margin.

On an individual channel basis, the report indicates that:

  • Satisfaction with stores registered a score of 79, up a point from the 2012 holiday period, led by Publix (86);
  • Satisfaction with the web channel was at 79, up a point, led by Amazon (88);
  • Satisfaction with the mobile channel was flat at 79, also led by Amazon (87); and
  • Satisfaction with contact centers registered a score of 80, led by QVC (88) and followed by Amazon and a group of other retailers at 85.

About the Data: The FXI: U.S. Retail Edition measures the customer experience with the biggest retailers in the United States, as reported by the Fortune 500, and is separated into five individual reports that focus on different retail touchpoints, including stores, Web, mobile experiences, contact centers and company-level satisfaction.

The list of measured retailers for the Contact Center Customer Experience Report is based on the biggest retailers in the Fortune 500 that had an active contact center. For the Contact Center Customer Experience Report, more than 7,700 surveys were collected via panel (a nationwide group of more than 1.3 million consumer households who have agreed to participate in opt-in surveys) between November 29, 2013, and December 17, 2013.

ForeSee surveyed only people who had contacted the company for customer service and support this holiday season (whether it was via online contact center, such as live support or Web chat, or a more traditional phone call center).

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