2 in 3 Millennials Share Social Experiences Online

December 16, 2013

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BiteRedshift-Millennials-Shared-Online-Experiences-Dec2013The online experience for Millennials (17-32) is “increasingly a shared one,” detail The Bite Group and Redshift Research in a recent study [download page] exploring the attitudes of this coveted demographic in the US and UK. Two-thirds of the survey’s respondents said they share at least some social experiences online – while the main shared activity is watching videos (75%), many can also be found browsing online shops (36%) together.

Shared web experiences have implications for how Millennials process information and trust its sources, and the researchers also note that many Millennials are establishing global networks online that make it more complex for marketers to create messages that vary significantly from one country to the next.

The study also reveals that beyond being a shared experience, video viewing is capturing Millennials’ attention – particularly younger Millennials. Among UK respondents, 40% of the 17-22 bracket reported spending more than 3 hours per week on YouTube, compared to 25% of 23-27-year-olds and 22% of 28-43-year-olds. Similarly, among both US and UK respondents, the youngest group proved the most likely to often share links to videos, with 41% claiming to do so, compared to roughly 30% of the older brackets.

Interestingly, Millennials were found to be more likely to frequently share video clips (33%) than to share text (23%), which might help explain this data from Unruly showing an ever-growing volume of video ad shares.

The study touts some “myth-busting results,” including:

  • Millennials spending more time on work and study-related online forums and user groups than on social sites such as Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr;
  • Only about 4 in 10 reporting spending more than 3 hours per week on Facebook;
  • 65% spending more time online via a computer than via a mobile device;
  • Reading news online taking up more of their time than Twitter and celebrity gossip; and
  • Female Millennials being twice as likely to read books (61%) as play games (26%) as a hobby.

About the Data: The 2013 survey of Millennial consumers was conducted during August 2013. 2002 Millennials were interviewed in nationally representative samples (by age, gender and region) in the UK and USA.

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