During Q3, 1 in 4 E-Commerce Website Visits Came From A Smartphone or Tablet

December 16, 2013

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Monetate-Ecommerce-Traffic-Share-by-Device-Q32012-Q32013-Dec2013During the third quarter of the year, smartphones (10.1%) and tablets (14.7%) combined to account for roughly one-quarter of visits to e-commerce websites, according to the latest quarterly e-commerce report [download page] from Monetate. That’s a substantially higher portion than in prior quarters for the subset of e-commerce sites included in the report: during the year-earlier period, for example, roughly 18.6% of e-commerce traffic came from the devices. Over the past year, visit share from tablets has grown considerably faster than from smartphones.

While in Q3 2012 both devices were virtually tied at roughly 8.4% share of visits, tablets’ share of visits has grown by about 6% points since then, compared to slightly less than 2% points for smartphones.

[Editor’s note: Monetate uses a different random sample of clients for each quarterly report. As a result, exact figures may differ slightly from one study to the next.]

The study also reveals that tablet traffic edged computers in average order value (AOV), with the former posting an AOV of $138.75, slightly ahead of the latter’s $136.15. Both were well in front of smartphones ($114.14). That continues a trend going back at least a year for the sample of e-commerce sites included in the report.

While tablet traffic had a higher AOV than computers, the reverse was true for conversion rates. Computer traffic converted at a 2.65% rate, compared to 2.18% for tablets. Once again, smartphones lagged significantly, with a conversion rate of 0.85%. Those results lend credence to the concept of smartphones being used for research, but tablets and computers for purchases.

Among tablets, the iPad continued to boast the highest conversion rate (2.24%) during the third quarter, with Android (1.66%) also out ahead of the Kindle Fire (1.34%). The iPad also registered the highest average order value ($141.84), outpacing both the Android ($104.46) and Kindle Fire ($92.34) by a significant margin.

Among smartphones, the iPhone ran neck and neck with Android smartphones in average order values ($114.25 and $114.48, respectively), with Windows phones somewhat further behind ($95.31). There was a little more separation when it came to conversion rates, with the iPhone the top dog (0.89%) ahead of Android (0.78%) and Windows (0.67%).

There was less competition between operating systems in terms of website visits. The iPad contributed 89.6% share of tablet traffic to e-commerce websites during Q3, down slightly from 91.4% a year earlier, but dominant nonetheless. In the smartphone space, the iPhone accounted for 62.8% of visits, up slightly from 61.1% a year earlier.

About the Data: The EQ analyzes a random sample of over 600 million online shopping experiences using “same store” data across each calendar quarter.

Averages throughout the EQ are calculated across the entire sample. Key performance indicators, such as average order value and conversion rate, will vary by industry/market type. These averages are published only to support the analysis in each release of the EQ, and are not intended to be benchmarks for any ecommerce business.

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