Mobile Commerce Habits Evolving Around the Globe

December 11, 2013

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MEF-Mobile-Purchase-Amounts-2013-v-2012-Dec201365% of mobile media users across 13 developing and developed markets have used their device to purchase goods or services, reveals MEF in its 3rd annual global consumers survey. The study indicates that while that proportion is down slightly from 70% last year, the types of goods and services that consumers are purchasing through their devices is evolving, as is the amount of money they’re prepared to spend on their purchases.

This year, 37% of all purchases made were classified as “low spend” (up to $15.99 or its equivalent), down from 43% share last year. The proportion of purchases in the “medium spend” category ($16-$150.99) also dropped by a couple of points, as 39% of purchases fell into the “high spend” category ($151 and up), a significant rise from last year’s 31%.

There’s an important caveat to the trend: this year, the MEF added 3 countries to its sample (Nigeria, Kenya and UAE), and 2 of those countries (Nigeria and Kenya) turned out to be in the top 3 by incidence of “high spenders.” In other words, the increasing share of “high spend” purchases could be in part the result of the addition of those 2 countries to the sample, although it’s not clear to what extent that might be the case.

Increasing spending amounts may also be a reflection of what appears to be an evolution away from spending on digital content. This year, 42% of mobile media users reported buying digital goods, down from 54% last year. But, one-quarter of mobile media users are now buying physical and perishable goods – which may (or may not) carry heftier price tags. Also, MEF notes that consumers are shifting away from buying “disposable” content such as individual song and film downloads, shifting instead to subscription services.

About the Data: The survey was carried out by On Device Research in Q3 2013, which questioned 10,000 mobile media users in 13 countries, namely: US, UK, China, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, Qatar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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