Almost 1 in 10 Email-Driven Purchases Completed on an iPad in Q3

November 13, 2013

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Yesmail-Email-Driven-Orders-by-Device-in-Q3-Nov2013Mobile devices accounted for 15% of revenues generated through email across 12 tracked industries in Q3, according to the latest quarterly “Email Marketing Compass” [download page] report from Yesmail Interactive. Additionally, 16% of all orders driven by email were completed on a mobile device. Of those mobile orders, 56% occurred on a tablet, and 99% of those on an iPad. In other words, about 9% of all orders were completed on an iPad.

Among smartphone purchases, 41% came from Android devices, while 59% came from the iPhone. Overall, then, Apple devices accounted for 82% of mobile orders, or about 1 in 8 email-driven orders overall.

The strong influence of mobile on email-driven purchases was even greater in the retail sector, where mobile accounted for 19% of email-driven orders and 18% of revenues. Moreover, while the average order value across the 12 industries was about $10 higher on desktops than on mobiles ($88.32 vs. $78.96), the gap was less than $2 in the retail industry ($61 vs. $59). Finally, while conversion rates were about 3 times higher on desktops than on mobiles across all industries (3.7% vs. 1.3%), the discrepancy was a bit narrower in the retail industry (2.8% vs. 1.1%), though that was not due to an above-average performance for mobiles.

Yesmail also presents data showcasing the value of a mobile click: across all industries, revenue per mobile click (mobile revenue divided by mobile clicks) stood at $7.14 in Q3, more than double the value of a desktop click ($3.26). Interestingly, those subscribers who complete a purchase on a mobile device have as high a repeat purchase rate as desktop purchasers (5.1% and 5%, respectively).

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