Consumers Say Discounts Bring Them Back In-Store, Drive Impulse Purchases

November 1, 2013

Synquera-Promotions-and-Customer-Loyalty-to-Retailers-Nov201386% of shoppers report often buying products retailers have on promotion, and 93% say they’re loyal to stores that have sales on products they frequently purchase, according to results from an online survey conducted by Synquera. With almost all respondents welcoming information from stores they frequent, 85% claim they’re more likely to return if they are made aware of upcoming sales on products they’ve previously purchased.

Shoppers are most likely to want that information via email (69%), though many are happy to be made aware of it through traditional mail (58%) and at the store entrance (46%).

Further results from the survey indicate that 6 in 10 report frequently making unplanned purchases, while half describe themselves as impulsive shoppers. Of those impulsive shoppers, 89% say they’re impacted by discounts, while personalized promotions and in-store ads prove influential to about half. (Research released last year also identified in-store messaging as a key driver of impulse purchases.)

Promotions don’t only drive brick-and-mortar visits, they are also a motivator of loyalty program participation, per recent Mintel survey results. More than one-third of Americans surveyed are drawn to retailer loyalty programs by access to exclusive deals and coupons, although the key attractions remain ease of redeeming rewards (55%), ease of earning points (51%) and monetary rewards (51%).

Separate findings from that survey suggest that one-third of consumers believe that the privacy of their personal information is an important attribute of a loyalty program, and some loyalty members are frustrated with the amount of personal information requested of them (13%) and the lack of control over their information (10%).

About the Data: The Synquera data is based on a survey conducted from October 7-10, 2013 via among 1,108 online respondents aged 18-70.

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