Consumers More Receptive to Shopping Ads on… Retail Sites

October 28, 2013

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BazaarvoiceWakefield-Effectiveness-of-Shopper-Media-Oct2013Here’s a case of research confirming the intuitive: shoppers prove more receptive to shopping ads when they see them on relevant retail sites than when they’re browsing news sites. That’s according to research [download page] conducted for Bazaarvoice by Wakefield Research arguing that brands need to focus their presence more on the digital retail environment. The results echo prior research from Aisle A, which also found consumers more likely to notice ads on retail sites than on other less-relevant sites.

To arrive at its conclusions, Wakefield Research segmented participants into two groups: a control group that saw ads on popular news sites, and a test group that saw the same ads but on a relevant retail site (such as a technology retailer for tablets). Respondents were then asked to rate the ads according to their relevance, how likely they would be to click on it, and how likely they would be to purchase the product.

On average, consumers seeing the ads on related retail sites found them 18% more relevant than ads on news sites. (One wonders why that figure isn’t even higher.) Perhaps more importantly, those seeing the ads on retail sites were 20% more likely to click on the ads, and 21% more likely to purchase a product based on an ad they saw.

About the Data: Wakefield Research surveyed 2,000 adults ages 18+ in September 2013, testing the relevance and effectiveness of brand ads on related retail sites versus that on news sites. The results of the monadic survey yield a 95% confidence level, and are accurate +/- 3.1%.

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