Smartphones Regain Lead Over Tablets in Global Mobile Payment Transactions

October 4, 2013

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Adyen-Global-Mobile-Payment-Transactions-Aug-v-Apr-Oct2013The share of payment transactions taking place on a smartphone or tablet has grown from 13.8% in April to 17.5% in August, says Adyen in its latest Global Mobile Payments Index. The biggest growth in payment transactions took place on smartphones, which jumped from 6.5% to 9.2% share of transactions, compared to an 0.9% point rise for tablets, to 8.3%. That means that smartphones accounted for a majority 52.6% share of mobile payment transactions in August, up from a minority 46.8% share in April.

The gap between the two devices was particularly acute in North America, where smartphones accounted for 10.8% of transactions and tablets 5.8%. In South America, though, where mobile payment transactions are rarer, tablets saw twice the number of transactions as smartphones (2.8% vs. 1.4%).

While the device mix may have changed, one thing hasn’t: Apple’s dominance. In August, iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) accounted for almost three-quarters of mobile payment transactions, or 13.1% overall (up from 11% in April). By contrast, Android devices accounted for close to one-quarter of mobile transactions, or 4.3% of all transactions (up from 3.1%).

Examining various sectors, the latest report notes that:

  • Mobile devices are used for almost 17.5% of retail transactions (up from 15% in April), with tablets twice as likely to be used as smartphones (11.6% and 5.9%, respectively);
  • Mobiles represent 16.5% of digital content purchases (up from 15%), with smartphones (10.9%) increasing their lead over tablets (5.6%); and
  • Mobile’s share of gaming transactions actually fell (the only sector where this occurred), from 9% to 8.5%, with smartphones representing 6.7% of transactions.

About the Data: The Adyen Global Mobile Payments Index is published quarterly and based on Adyen global payment transaction data. The Index has been created to track the rapid evolution of mobile payments and provide insight into mobile payment trends for different market sectors and geographies. Adyen process payments for more than 3,500 medium, large and enterprise-sized organizations mainly operating multi-national businesses. In 2012, Adyen processed more than $10 billion in online, mobile and point-of-sale payments transactions worldwide.

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