Smartphone Traffic Growing by Leaps and Bounds

August 16, 2013

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BrightEdge-Smartphone-Traffic-Growth-H1-2012-H1-2013-Aug2013Smartphone traffic has grown 10 times more quickly than desktop traffic over the past year, says BrightEdge in its inaugural “BrightEdge Mobile Share” [download page] report. The study looks at web traffic for more than 5 billion web pages across 6,000 brand customers, finding that smartphone traffic grew by 125% between the first half of 2012 (H1 2012) and H1 2013, compared to 12% growth for desktops. Separately, Walker Sands indicates that mobile devices (tablets included) accounted for 29% of website visits in Q2. That’s up from 16.6% share of visits in Q2 2012.

Returning to the BrightEdge data, the study indicates that the software and technology industry has been most impacted by smartphones, with device traffic growing 21 times faster than desktop traffic. Not far behind, financial services (16 times greater) and real estate (15 times greater) have also seen rapid growth in smartphone traffic.

While smartphone traffic is growing quickly, conversion rates still lag desktop by a significant margin. According to the study, smartphone traffic converts at less than one-third the rate of desktop, though conversion rates are closer (0.6x) on e-commerce sites. The most recent quarterly data from Monetate suggests that conversion rates on smartphones lag comparable rates on desktops by a larger margin, however.

About the Data: The Walker Sands report is conducted by examining web analytics data across a wide range of B2B and B2C clients in multiple industries.

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