What Are Consumers Buying on Their Smartphones and Tablets?

August 13, 2013

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comScore-Types-Good-Services-Purchased-on-Mobile-Devices-Aug2013Mobile commerce sales are on the rise, and mobile owners spent $4.7 billion on retail goods during the second quarter, according to recent figures from comScore. While various studies (such as this one) have given some insights into the top purchase categories, new research from comScore, contained in a new Millennia Media study [download page], sheds more light on the top goods and services purchased on mobile devices.

The comScore data indicates that the top items purchased by tablet shoppers (data sourced during March) were:

  • Clothing or accessories (54%);
  • Books (not e-books; 29%);
  • Tickets (24%);
  • Daily deals or discount coupons (23%); and
  • Consumer electronics and household appliances (22%).

On smartphones, the top items were similar, though with slightly different rankings:

  • Clothing or accessories (39%);
  • Tickets (24%);
  • Books (not e-books; 23%);
  • Meals (delivery or pickup; 22%);
  • Consumer electronics and household appliances (21%); and
  • Daily deals or discount coupons (21%).

While smartphone and tablet shoppers demonstrate similar retail product preferences, the latter appear more likely to make non-retail purchases such as hotel accommodations (15% vs. 9%), airplane tickets (13% vs. 8%) and a car rental (9% vs. 4%).

Separate results from the study indicate that price (73%) is easily the most influential factor taken into consideration by smartphone owners when making a purchase, with customer reviews (35%), mobile coupons (33%), expert reviews (24%) and store rewards (23%) trailing. Company-sponsored social sites (19%) and personal recommendations (18%) also play a role.

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